Plasma Cutter STAMOS power S-CUTTER 50

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Plasma cutter Stamos Power S-Cutter 50

This efficient, high-quality welding equipment ensures quick and precise plasma cutting. It has been designed for everyday heavy use. Suitable for work related to production, craft and repair. Its operation is very simple, because S-CUTTER 50 is also recommended for amateur and hobby

By using MOSFET inverter technology, machine does not take up much space, and its output parameters are surprisingly high. Plasma Cutter is a powerful and versatile device, suitable for processing all electrically conductive materials.

Plasma cutter S-CUTTER 50 - Advantages

Plasma arc cutting is precise, clear and precise (cutting width of only 1 mm). Cut generates a hot plasma jet, which enables the processing of steel (including stainless steel), copper and aluminum.

Adjusting cutting current is carried out smoothly (with a large, ergonomic knob). This makes it easy adjust said parameter to type and thickness of workpiece. Value of current used is presented on a clear LED display.

Plasma torch has been designed with ergonomics. Holder PT-31 allows for easy maneuvering of plasma arc. Thanks to this cut can be even more precise, and cutting very complicated shapes - easier


Compressed air - first - makes cutting operation requires a minimum financial effort (which can not be said for hardware based on nitrogen and argon mixtures expensive). Secondly - a positive effect on plasma arc, its intensity and stability.

Advanced MOSFET technology that uses a plasma cutter, cutting current stabilizes. Using field-effect transistors made it possible to raise output parameters, without increasing compact size of the device. S-CUTTER 50 weighs only 9kg.

Robust design is a quality that distinguishes all plasma cutters of Stamos Power. Plasma cutting machine features a robust housing with a powder-coated sheet steel. Another design advantage is practical, wide handle for carrying.

User-friendly interface is transparent thanks to control panel. As a result, plasma cutter is very intuitive equipment. Her service does not require any specialized training. Just carefully read instructions that came with set.

Safety of welders ensure efficient ventilators and a lamp to signal overload and crash. Note, however, that plasma cutting needs special protection. It should stock up on basic security measures.

Plasma Cutter S-CUTTER 50 is a combination of performance, robustness and attractive prices. Well-suited to professional use (repair shops, crafts, etc.) And hobby (workshops, garages, backyard studios).

Welding machine uses inverter technology MOSFET, which raised output parameters of device without increasing its size. Clever design (cutter and holder) made plasma cutting is not only accurate, but also comfortable.

Set included

  • Plasma cutter
  • Plasma torch PT-31 (5 m)
  • Ground clamp and cable (3 m)
  • electrode
  • cutting nozzle
  • Gas pipe with clamp

Set is sent in good secured package that protects load from damage.


Article S-CUTTER 50
catalog No. 2126
condition Nowy
frequency network 50 / 60 Hz
Nominal input voltage 230 V, 1-Pharse
Rated input current 28,7 A
Maximum input current 37,2 A
Rated output power 6,2 kVA
Maximum output power 8 kVA
Power Idle 244 V
cutting current 10 - 50 A
Rated duty cycle 60 %
Cutting current duty cycle of 100% 38,7 A
Cutting current duty cycle of 60% 50 A
ignition touch
Maximum thickness 15 mm
cutting width 1 mm
Required airflow 175 l/min
Working pressure 4,5 bar
handle plasma 5 m
Ground clamp and cable 3 m
Power cord 2 m
cooling housing ventilators
Method of cooling holder air
power factor 0,93
Efficiency (in nominal terms) ≥0,85
isolation class F
Level of security IP21
Quality mark CE
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41 x 19 x 31 cm
Weight 9 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 52 x 26 x 43 cm
Shipping weight 14 kg


MOSFET - cutter uses MOSFET technology. This technology provides highest performance in a compact size and weight of device. Result is efficiency of 93%. Cutting current is characterized by stability, which guarantees a precise slot.
CERTIFICATES - STAMOS devices were made according to strict European standards and passed test for compliance with CE and RoHS. This ensures long life and high quality equipment.
VENTILATORS - very powerful fans provide optimal heat dissipation during operation cutter.
CONNECTION OF GAS / AIR - plasma arc cutting is needed to provide gas at required pressure from source of performance specified in instructions. Most commonly used gas is air supplied from network or directly from compressor.
EARTH - back of each welder is a screw marked with earth. Before starting machine must be grounded using a cable whose cross may not be less than 6 mm2.
VOLTAGE - cutter is powered by a single-phase (230V +/- 10%).
2T - the "2T" means to start cutting by pressing button on handle and stops machine when you release button on handle.
Plasma arc cutting - dense plasma arc melts metal and throws him out of slot kinetic energy, which gives it a compressed air.
LED DISPLAY - shows cutting parameters.
OVERLOAD / FAILURE - light comes on in event of two situations:
a) if machine has failed and can not be operated.
b) if cutter exceeded standard cycle and has been running mode to protect it from overheating. In this mode, you should leave machine with power. If red light goes off, it means that device cool down to the temperature of operation and can be re-used.
PRESSURE GAUGE (GAUGE) - shows air pressure supplied by compressor to device. We adjust pressure reducer, already in a cutter.



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