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WeldingS-AC200P BASIC

Professional device for welding aluminum AC / DC TIG's Stamos Germany is intended for professional use. Device features a robust design and high reliability.

Welding current device AC / DC TIG, S-AC200P BASIC for direct current adjustable in the range of 5 - 200 amps in the case of alternating current in the range of 20-200 amps, and welding the E-hand in range of 10 - 160 Amperes, by so that device can be optimally adapted to given conditions.

Device operates from an input voltage with 230 V and has low weight thanks to the use of lightweight but stable materials. Even today, decide to purchase highest quality professional welding device AC / DC TIG / MMA, S-AC200P BASIC's Stamos Germany.

Welding device AC / DC TIG, S-AC200P BASIC works on MOSFET technology and therefore the efficiency of its energy reaches 93%. In addition, thanks to the constant influx of electricity is ensured highest quality welds.


Features of the AC/DC TIG/MMA welding machine S-AC200P BASIC by Stamos Germany:

  • TIG welding (AC and DC) of aluminium
  • MMA welding
  • Hot start (automatic voltage increase at start-up)
  • Anti-stick (prevents electrode burn-out)
  • Pulse mode (increased energy while maintaining the temperature at the work piece)
  • Power fans (for cooling and prevention of overheating)
  • HF ignition
  • 2-/4-tact
  • 200 A welding current
  • 230 V power supply
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Tough powder-coated steel plate casing

Welding device AC / DC TIG / MMA S-AC200P BASIC stand out multilateral range of applications.

Most important feature of this device is the ability to TIG. It being possible here to weld not only in the DC mode, but also in AC mode.

Using a method TIG welding in DC mode can be processed almost all commonly used materials, but to be able to use device for welding of all materials is crucial AC mode, because with it, you can easily manipulate child aluminum. Establishing standards for technology guarantees highest quality weld. Thus, almost no on the market more suitable device than S-AC200P BASIC.

An S-AC200P BASIC also has a function MMA welding (E-Hand). One of the biggest advantages of MMA welding is no need for additional protective gas. Welding with electrodes is relatively easy to learn welding method, and is therefore also suitable for beginners. Welding device S-AC200P BASIC's Stamos Power captivates while its intuitive and very easy to operate.


Pulsation functions mounted additionally in welding apparatus AC / DC TIG / MMA S-AC200P BASIC enables you to use more power without significantly increasing temperature of the workpiece. The pulsation frequency can be determined by frequency of wave movements per unit time. Besides, you can also adjust rise and fall of of current.


In addition welding set includes:

Mass Clamp 3 m
TIG torch 3.9 m
The electrode holder 3 m
bush 2,0mm
bush 2,4mm
bush 3,2mm
bush housing
Total of three different nozzles ceramic (5, 6, 7)
cap short
Including cap long
Hammer Welding with a wire brush.






Input voltage

230 V, 1-Phase

Frequency (Hz)


Duty cycle


Ampere at 100% duty cycle


Ignition TIG

HF – High-frequency

Welding strength MMA

0.5 mm - 4 mm

Welding strength TIG

0.5 mm - 6 mm

Input current eff. / max.

14.7 / 20.4 A

Open circuit voltage

70 V

Degree of housing protection


Insulation class


Overvoltage protection




2 T and 4 T change-over switch


Gas solenoid valve


Welding current DC TIG

5 - 200 A

Welding current AC TIG

20 - 200 A

Welding current E-Hand

10 - 160 A

Electrode diameter TIG

1 – 3.2 mm

Electrode diameter MMA

1 - 4 mm

Gas after flow

1 - 10 sec.

Pulse current

20 - 200 A

Pulse Width

0.1 – 0.9 (10 - 90%)

Pulse frequency

0.5 - 25Hz

Hot Start / Anti-Stick / ARC-Force


Start current


End current


Remote control unit


AC frequency

20 - 100 Hz

SP deburring current

30 - 70%

Dimension (LxWxH)

50 x 33 x 35,5 cm


19,9 kg

Shipping dimension (LxWxH)

60 x 43 x 43,5 cm

Shipping weight

27,9 kg


MOSFeT = This inverter uses the MOSFET technology. This technology increases performance achieving an efficiency factor of 93% with the same amount of electricity. The remains very stable, resulting in a perfect weld. Thanks to the MOSFET technology the welding machine can be designed to be extremely small and light weight.

On/Off switch = High-quality wear-resistant switch to turn the machine on and off.

Normal power = The machine operates with a one-phase connection (230V +/- 10%).

AC/DC = The inverter allows welding with direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) at 60% duty cycle. Therefore, the machine can be used to weld almost any metal. AC is used for light metals such as aluminium and titanium. For most other metals such as construction or machining steel, DC is used. The machine delivers an excellent performance at low levels of energy consumption. The continuity of the current guarantees an optimum weld (93% effective).

HF ignition = Contactless high-frequency ignition for TIG welding ensuring a clean starting point.

TIG = Unlike MIG/MAG welding, the TIG process uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The electrode and the welding pool are protected by an inert shielding gas (argon, helium or a mixture of gases with non-oxidising components). TIG welding is suitable for all metals that can be fusion welded. The selection of current type, polarity and inert gas depends on the type of base material used. This machine uses a TIG torch with a tungsten electrode and argon. Depending on the base material, a filler material may be used. Our welding experts recommend red tungsten electrodes for steel and stainless steel, black electrodes for steel and castings and gold and grey electrodes for universal applications. Depending on the thickness of the plate the following electrode sizes are to be used:

  • Thin sheets (0.5-1mm): 1.6mm
  • Normal sheets (1-6mm): 2.4mm
  • Thick plates (>6mm): 3.2mm

HOT-START = The hot-start function will increase the tension at the start automatically so that even problematic electrodes ignite. After ignition the device automatically switches back to the preset voltage.

ANTI-STICK = This feature prevents electrode burn-out through automatic reduction of the current.

Pulse switch = Use to switch the pulse mode on and off.

PULSE FQ Częstotliwość ruchu fal w jednostce czasu (przy spawaniu pulsacyjnym).

PULSE WD = Use to set the waveform (value of peak and base current) for pulse welding.

MMA = This provides state-of-the-art inverter technology in a very compact machine and permits highest-quality welds using electrodes of up to 4.2mm. These lightweight machines are not only ideally suited to field-applications but also reliable in rough environments such as building sites. Automatic adjustment of the ignition energy for both HF and Liftarc ignition ensures optimum ignition characteristics.

2T/4T Mode = Use to switch between 2T mode (without self-blocking) and 4T mode (with self-blocking).
2T Mode: Welding starts upon pressing the torch switch and stops upon releasing the torch switch.
4T Mode: When first pressing the torch switch the base current is generated. After releasing the switch the current is adjusted to a default welding value. After welding, press the torch switch again to gradually decrease the current until the final current is reached and maintained. After the second release of the torch switch the base current is set automatically.

Post-flow timer = Use to set the post-gas time in increments of one second. The post-welding gas flow cools the weld deposit and protects it from oxidization

START CURRENT = Use to set the initial current. Afterwards the device increases the current up to the pre-set welding current in order to protect the material and to prevent weld burns.

CRATER = End current. This feature only works in 4T mode. It’s used to adjust the end current between 5 and 200 amperes to finish the weld with the pre-set current in order to protect the material and to prevent weld burns.

BASE CURRENT = Low current (only available for pulse welding). Use to switch between main current and base current.

CLEAN WD current control negative and positive in order to obtain various degrees of fusion weld the material. However, it has meaning only when welding aluminum.
CURRENT normal current are adjustable.
Shielding gas for welding using the WIG / TIG welding is required shielding gas or active gas.
Connector for pedal control = The machine can be controlled by a pedal (available upon request).


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