Multifunction device S-MULTI 51

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Multifunction device S-MULTI 51

Welding MFP Stamos Germany S-MULTI 51 is a product of Basic range, which perfectly combines highest quality equipment with price affordable for every user. This multiprocessor Inverter welding rectifier enables TIG and MMA welding and plasma arc cutting.

MOSFET Inverter techniques possible to increase device power, while not altering its size and weight. Multitasking machines and equipping it with additional auxiliary functions significantly increase productivity and comfort while working.

Multifunction device S-MULTI 51, while MMA mode, it uses three additional functions: Anti Stick, ARC-Force and Hot Start. They allow easy start welding and its subsequent continuation.

After providing air access it is possible to use machine as plasma cutter. Ensure adequate compressor capacity. Standard machine is supplied with the air handling system. It allows you to set the appropriate operating pressure and remove the water.

Infinitely adjustable operating current possible by the knob with a clear scale. Their right size for convenient change parameters without downloading protective gloves. Powerful fan protects equipment from overheating, which means that products Stamos Germany is fast and secure.

Machine is equipped with a robust casing and handy handle, through which ideally suited to the construction work and craft, conducted on the ground as well as at high altitudes. Small size and weight of Machine additionally affect mobility.

Durable casing and auxiliary functions affect the quality of the machine. Company Stamos Germany values its customers, and we provide them with equipment tested and the corresponding raw, German standards. We are convinced of the high quality of our products that we are on the multifunction device Stamos Germany Welding S-MULTI 51 give long-term guarantees.

Device is sold with the necessary wiring for TIG and MMA welding and plasma cutting. An additional package of consumables for longer, costless operation.



  • Electrode
  • Ceramic duct
  • Ceramic ring
  • Sheath duct
  • WIG duct
  • Port arch
  • Clamp sleeve
  • Ceramic


Article: T-51 WIG MMA CUT
Article condition New
AC frequency (Hz) 50/60
Ignition: high frequency contact contact
Input corrent (A) 23,5 28 29
Welding current 10-180 10-165 10-50
Compressor Connection (Bar) - - 4,5
Gas flow (L/min) 2-5 - 80-200
Electrode diameter max. - 4,2mm -
Cutting performance with max. 40A - - 1-16mm
Model input voltage 230V, 1-phase
Idling voltage (V) 40
Power faktor (COSf) 0.93
Efficiency (%) 85
Measurements (LxWxH) 43,00 x 32,00 x 20,50 cm
Weight 11,00 kg
Shipping Measurements (LxWxH) 74,00 x 40,00 x 30,00 cm
Shipping Weight 21,00 kg


MOSFET - technology ensures ultimate performance in a compact size and weight of device. Welding current is very stable, which provides accurate joint.

CERTIFICATES - device has been manufactured according to strict European standards and passed tests for compliance with CE and RoHS. This ensures long life and high quality of machine.

Non-contact arc ignition HF - it is contactless electric arc ignition in TIG mode, using high frequency, which allows you to create a clean starting point of weld.

ANTI STICK - With this function prevents heating of the electrodes while adhering to the material, because the current is automatically reduced.

HOT START - With this function makes it easier to initiate arc, by temporarily increasing welding current at moment of ignition of electric arc. After ignition welding current returns to set value.

ARC -force - function stabilizing electric arc when changing its length.

DOWN SLOPE - slope down - time during which output current of decreases from value of welding current until the end of welding.

VENTILATORS - high-performance fans provide optimal heat dissipation during operation.

EARTH - on the back of each device is marked with the grounding screw. Before starting equipment must be grounded by a conductor whose cross-section may not be less than 6 mm.


WIG / TIG - TIG welding electric arc is formed between tungsten electrode and the base material. In order to protect tungsten electrode and the weld used inert gases (usually argon). TIG welding can be used for all weldable metals. Choosing current type, polarization, and a protective gas depending on type of welded metal

Plasma arc cutting - dense plasma arc melts the metal and throws him out of the slot kinetic energy, which gives it a compressed air. This method makes it possible to achieve high cutting speeds while maintaining high quality. It is not required to use an expensive protective gas is sufficient compressed air.

CURRENT - main current regulation.


OVERLOAD / FAILURE - light comes on in the event of two situations:
a) if machine has failed and can not be operated.
b) If equipment has exceeded the standard cycle and has been running mode protection against overheating. In this mode, the machine should be left with the power on. If red light goes off, it means that device cool down to temperature of operation and can be re-used.

GAS CONNECTION - connect gas to device, and its flow is controlled by a solenoid valve activated by pressing on handle. During plasma arc cutting machine, lead to compressed air.

VOLTAGE SUPPLY machine - is powered by a single phase (230 V +/- 10%).

POST TIME - time gas supply after disappearance of an electric arc. Function is used to cool seam and protecting it from oxidation.




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