Stamos Germany Welding S-WIGMA 200

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Stamos Germany Welding S-WIGMA 200

This welding machine designed according to high German standards. Advanced MOSFET inverter technology allows for high output power, while maintaining a small size and weight of device. This stabilizes welding current, thus ensuring that accurate weld.

Inverter welding rectifier operates in two modes: TIG DC and MMA. It is convenient and useful solution to welder working of different elements and welding materials. In this mode you use non-contact TIG arc ignition (HF) using high frequency. This creates a clean starting point of weld and reduce risk of contamination. POST TIME option is used to cool weld and its protection against oxidation.

MMA is supported with 3 functions: Hot Start Anti Stick and ARC-Force. They facilitate commencement of welding and its stable continuation, which provides easier operation of welder.

To improve productivity of S-WIGMA 200 welder is equipped with a large and handy knob. With the adjustment of current flow is done without downloading protective gloves. The use of gas solenoid valve precludes need for handles with valve and maintains programmable gas flow after welding.

Comfort welding provides a large and clear display for convenient reading of parameters, also in darkened rooms. For safety welder Stamos Germany WIGMA S-200 is equipped with a powerful fan and lights indicating a failure or overheating of machine.

Welding machine is supplied with the necessary wiring for TIG and MMA DC, and with a set of consumables ensure long, cost-free use of device.

Welding is sold with equipment that improves use of of machine. Includes welders Stamos Germany S-WIGMA 200 is:

  • TIG welding torch 4m
  • MMA welding torch 3,6m
  • Cable common terminal 3,6m
  • Consumable parts (porcelain nozzles, collets, long cork)
  • Welding mask
  • Brush / hammer


Model S-WIGMA 200
article New
catalog No. 2008
Nominal input voltage 230 V, 1-pharse
frequency Network 50 / 60 Hz
Rated input current 14 A
Maximum input current 20 A
Rated Output Power 3 kVA
Maximum Output Power 4,3 kVA
Power Idle 56 V
TIG Welding current DC 5 - 200 A
Welding current MMA 5 - 200 A
Rated duty cycle 60 %
Welding current duty cycle of 100% 154 A
Welding current duty cycle of 60% 200 A
Solenoid gas yes
Time after welding gas flow 3 s
Diameter of electrodes TIG 1 - 3,2 mm
Electrode diameter MMA 1 - 4 mm
TIG ignition HF
ARC-Force yes
Hot Start yes
Anti Stick yes
cooling housing Ventilator
Method of cooling holder air
thickness weldable 0,5 - 8 mm
power factor
07 - 0,9
Efficiency (in nominal terms) ≥0,85
insulation class
Level of security
Construction according to
EN 60974-1
Compliance with EG CE
Dimensions (LxWxH)
36,5 x 16 x 24 cm
weight 13,1 kg
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 59 x 24,5 x 32,5 cm
shipping Weight
15,1 kg



MOSFET - technology provides highest performance in a compact size and weight of device. Welding current is very stable, guaranteeing a perfect weld.
Certificates - TIG welder Wigma 200 was made according to strict European standards and passed the examination for compliance with CE and RoHS. This ensures long life and high quality equipment.
Contactless arc ignition (HF) - defines contactless electric arc ignition in TIG mode using high frequency, which allows you to create a clean starting point of weld.
ANTI STICK - function prevents heating of Electrode while adhering material, and current is automatically reduced.
HOT START - function allows you to initiate an electric arc in case of electrodes, since start voltage is automatically raised. After ignition device automatically switches to tension in welding mode.
ARC-FORCE - a function stabilizing arc when changing its length.
VENTILATORS - a very powerful fans provide optimal heat dissipation during welding work.
Grounding - back of each welder is a screw marked with the earth. Before commissioning device must be grounded them using a cable that section may not be less than 6 mm.
On / off switch
WIG / TIG welding - welding TIG / TIG arc is formed between tungsten electrode and base material. In order to protect the tungsten electrode and weld is used inert gases (usually argon). Welding using WIG / TIG can be used for all weldable metals. Choosing current type, polarization, and a protective gas depending on type of welded metal.
CURRENT - Adjustment main current.
MMA cord connector
Overload / failure - it illuminates in the event of two situations: a) if machine has failed and must not be used; b) if welder has exceeded the standard cycle and has been running mode to protect it from overheating. In this mode, you should leave the machine with the power. If the red light goes off, it means the device cool down to temperature of operation and can be re-used.
Gas connection - connect machine to gas, and its flow is controlled by a solenoid valve activated by pressing on handle.
VOLTAGE - welder is supplied with one phase.
POST TIME - time gas supply after power electric arc.
Connector ground wire




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